Diablo 3 20th Anniversary brings in-game goodies to other Blizzard titles

In celebration of Diablo's 20th Anniversary, Blizzard has announced cross-game promotions with each of its other titles. The Lord of Terror will be featured in all Blizzard titles in one way or another, with some games getting more content than others. Blizzard hasn't revealed when, precisely, these promotions will begin, but it seems safe to assume that they'll kick off on or around December 31, which is the anniversary of the original game's release.

We already know what the promotion for Diablo 3 will be. Blizzard is re-imagining the cathedral from the first Diablo game within Diablo 3 in an event that it's calling the "Darkening of Tristram." Since this is a tribute to the game that started it all, players can expect to see some items from the original make a return.

Over in Heroes of the Storm, you'll be able to play through a new brawl based on the Battle for the High Heavens, a fairly significant portion of Diablo 3's story. Blizzard hasn't explained this brawl in any significant detail, only telling players that it will be "hectic." By completing three brawl games, you'll be able to snag a new Diablo-themed profile portrait as well.

In Hearthstone, players will go head-to-head with a hooded stranger in a new tavern brawl. Though Blizzard is keeping the identity of this hooded figure a mystery for now, it seems likely that it'll be Diablo or one of his generals. Personally, I'm hoping to see an appearance from Deckard Cain, as unlikely as that may be.

Unfortunately, the Diablo content for Overwatch and StarCraft II seems to be a little on the slim side. In Overwatch, you'll be able to unlock Diablo-themed sprays and a Diablo profile picture. In StarCraft II, the only bonus we're getting is a Diablo-themed worker portrait.

World of Warcraft's bonuses, on the hand, seem like they could be really interesting. Blizzard only says "Strange things are afoot in the world of Azeroth as denizens of Sanctuary cross over into an unfamiliar world," so perhaps the minions of Hell will be joining the Legion in its invasion of Azeroth? We'll have to wait and see what that means.

For a game as iconic as Diablo celebrating a milestone like this, some of these in-game bonuses feel underwhelming. Of course, for some games like Hearthstone and StarCraft II, implementing Diablo-themed content would be difficult, but it would have been cool to see a new Diablo character in Heroes or a few Diablo skins for Overwatch.

Then again, Blizzard promises that this is just "a small taste" of each game's tribute to Diablo, so perhaps there are some extras that Blizzard is keeping secret for now? Time will tell. This cross-game tribute to all things Diablo should be underway shortly, so be sure to check your Blizzard games for new goodies over the next few days.

SOURCE: Blizzard