Devialet Phantom implosion speaker packs big sound in a small package

A company called Devialet has rolled out a new type of speaker that promises to put the sound of a massive traditional speaker into a space only about a foot long. The speaker is called The Phantom and it is very small and spherical. The Phantom is an all-in-one amplifier and speaker that is aimed at the audiophile wanting big sound in a small package.

It's not a cheap audio solution with the sticker price at around $2,000, but a number of audiophile grade systems sell for that kind of money. The company behind the speaker has 77 patents and 37 sound awards to its credit. One of the keys to the sound quality of the speaker is a tech called ADH that combines the rich sound of analog systems with the compact size of digital hardware.

Big bass is produced by the speaker using what Devialet calls Heart Bass Implosion providing the same sort of room shaking bass typically reserved for larger speakers. The sides of The Phantom speaker move in and out as bass is produced to generate sound using the vacuum inside the closed box architecture.

The company says that this tech allows The Phantom to produce four times more power than other woofers on the market with an equivalent diaphragm size. To see how the speaker moves when in action, check out the video below, it's an interesting bit of tech. The Phantom will be available in the US starting in late January and can be had in a standard version for $1990 and a 3000 watt Silver version for $2390.

SOURCE: Techcrunch