Developers Upset Over Broken Windows 10 Store Search Function

One of the main functions of having an app store in a desktop environment is so that people can quickly and easily find the programs that they're looking for. It also ensures that the apps listed adhere to some sort of standard. But what happens when you've got a store full of apps that no one can find?

Apparently, that seems to be a major issue that developers are encountering with the Windows 10 app store. One developer in particular had enough of trying to get Microsoft to fix the issue, and decided to make his issue public. Here's an excerpt from his post:

You cannot find my apps anywhere in the app store. Unless you know the exact name of my app, you won't find it. You can type any of the keywords my apps have in their title, description or even in the list of keywords submitted to the store, and it won't list my apps. Instead, the app store will simply list 2 or 3 other, useless apps. In total. Judging from the developer forums, there are many other developers with this problem. When contacting Microsoft about this, they apparently sent the other developers a prewritten text, saying basically that "they have no control over the search results shown in the store."

Perhaps the worst part of this is Microsoft saying that they have no control over what search results are being shown. Obviously, they should have some degree of control. For instance, they should be able to ensure that a search for keywords will display programs that have those same words in their name, or even in their description. Instead, it would seem that for some apps, you need to get the name exactly correct, in order for it to show up.

Microsoft is making a huge push to get users onto Windows 10. However, perhaps they should put a little less effort into bugging Windows 7 and 8 owners about upgrading, and a bit more into fixing their broken search function in the Windows store.

VIA: ExtremeTech