Devel Sixteen test car shown off on several videos

When it comes to exotic hypercars with massive price tags, consumers expect significant polish on any content the automaker shares. You wouldn't see Ferrari or Lamborghini releasing footage of their cars that appears to have been made with a cheap smartphone on-the-fly. So while it's exciting to see details of the Devel Sixteen, the footage in the videos may not be of the quality you expect for a company building a hypercar with 5000 horsepower aiming for a top speed of over 300 mph.

To get the 5000 horsepower, 12.3 liter V16 with quad-turbos would require the buyer to get the track-only version of the Devel Sixteen. The street-legal version will have a more "sane" 2000 horsepower V-8. All of that power is aiming to reach 350 mph to grab the fastest production car record.

While video quality may not be what you would expect, at least the video appears to show that the Devel Sixteen isn't vaporware, as some had come to believe. The V16 engine seen in the video is being tuned by a company in Michigan called Steve Morris Engines.

Another of the videos shows some of the aerodynamic testing being conducted in Italy as well as the chassis and carbon fiber body. This video is of higher quality than the engine tuning video. However, it's not exactly a video more than a series of still images strung together.

Another of the videos shows the first test of a prototype, which is not complete. The car in the video is being tested before installing the turbo system, significantly reducing its power output. While the video does show an actual driving prototype of the car, the testing is very far from the sort you might expect for such a high-tech car.