Detroit: Become Human wants players to be co-writers

Back at the Paris Games Week in October, Sony showed off one rather vague new title called Detroit: Become Human. Back then, it was described simply about human-like androids who, unsurprisingly, desire to become more human. At E3 2016, Sony gave a bit more flesh to game, also introducing a new character in the process. Yes, it will still be about robots trying to be more human, but how that story ends, as well as the events that will take place, will totally depend on you.

At first glance, theme might sound already a bit overused. Machines that were designed to look and act human now wish to have the same freedom as their creators, which naturally falls foul of the human sense of superiority and all that. The two main characters introduced so far, both of whom are androids, represent the opposing sides of that struggle. Kara was introduced last year as one of the "deviant" androids, while this year's Connor is a "deviant hunter".

The game, however, takes a somewhat interesting turn specifically when playing Connor. Despite being an android himself, Connor is tasked to help human police to stop and hunt down his own kind. In the game slice revealed at E3, each and every action that Connor takes determines the final outcome of the hostage situation, who lives and who dies. Including Connor himself. And the game continues even without those characters, but of course with far-reaching consequences.

If that type of gameplay sounds familiar, it's because Quantic Dream is the developer behind Detroit: Become Human. That's the same studio who created Heavy Rain, which was largely lauded for that style of gameplay and story telling. Whether Detroit fares better than the older game remains to be seen, which is going to take a while as there is no launch date yet for the game.

SOURCE: PlayStation