Destiny now has a Trial, Demo appetizer

Online shooter Destiny might be one of the hottest games this year, but not everyone is prepared just yet to take the plunge. A plunge that will cost them $60, provided they already have the compatible consoles to begin with. For these types of gamers, Bungie is providing a cheap, in other words, free, way for them to nibble at Destiny for as long as they want, given a few restrictions. And they can even save their progress and reclaim it if and when they decide to buy the game after all.

The Destiny Trial offer is available for current gen consoles, meaning the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The trial version can be acquired from the Xbox and PlayStation online stores and require 20 to 22 GB of storage, about half of the full game. Players who want to purchase the full experience later on can simply upgrade from the in-game menu. No need to download the full game or buy any disc.

The Destiny Demo, on the other hand, is applicable to yesterday's consoles, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. As a demo, storage requirement is smaller in this one, around 6 GB. The demo can also be downloaded from online stores for free but to upgrade to a the full game, you will need to either buy a physical disc or buy the full version from the online stores. In either case, a full installation will be required and the demo game can be safely uninstalled afterwards.

For both Trial and Demo version, the level cap is set at 7. While en route there, you can enjoy 5 story missions in Old Russia, access the Tower as well as Tower vendors, and partake of 3-player co-op in Den of Devils. The best part about this foretaste of the game is that your character progression is saved and can be transferred to the full version when you buy the game. The only catch is that it will only be transferred on the same console family, so no switching loyalties in between.

SOURCE: Bungie