Destiny Alpha extended: Expert Mode activated

Chris Burns - Jun 16, 2014, 11:15am CDT
Destiny Alpha extended: Expert Mode activated

The Alpha for Destiny was supposed to have ended last night – but to most players’ surprise, it’s still around. The Alpha test mode for Destiny for the PlayStation 4 has been extended to include “Expert Mode.” This mode will include some real “dust” – meaning you’ll be seeing more than the average amount of oddities popping up.

For those of you playing Destiny today, you may be noticing items disappearing, skills changing, and enemies becoming much, much more difficult to destroy. Loot you’ve picked up in Alpha mode will be destroyed, no longer visible once the Beta hits – but it may already have disappeared overnight.

Though Bungie has suggested “This is your last night for a while” just yesterday, it’s very possible they mean to test strange objects for more than a day from now. This is unprecedented.

This could very well be the beginning of a wider Alpha program for PlayStation in the near future. We’d not be entirely surprised if more developers take part in Alpha and Beta testing with end-users in the near future, sort of like Steam Early Access. Stick around SlashGear’s Destiny tag portal as we continue to investigate!

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