Destiny 2 update will undo the mess of the Curse of Osiris

The DLC did seem to live up to its name of being a curse. The companies' behind this year's great games seem to be making great missteps. Fortunately for Bungie, its Destiny 2 DLC blunder isn't as disastrous as Battlefront II. Still, there was enough of an uproar about the changes in the Curse of Osiris that Bungie really had little choice but to issue a mea culpa and, of course, promise an update that cleans up the mess they made.

One of the problems that plague MMOs, in addition to balance, is freshness of content. As a game that is meant to be played forever, or at least until servers remain online, MMO game designers have to find way to keep content relevant and fresh even as players' characters continue to grow more powerful. That was the line of thinking behind Curse of Osiris' new Normal and Prestige modes, the latter offering more difficulty by raising the cap higher and higher.

At least that was the plan. What happened was that the Prestige modes locked content that was previously available to all players, even those that didn't own the DLC yet. These pieces of content, including the Trials of the Nine, were available as part of the main game since day 1. As Destiny 2 has been around for 2 months, one if you only play on PC, that's no small inconvenience. It is, practically, a ripoff.

Bungie has heard the angry mob and will turn back the clock somewhat. The Prestige Leviathan Raid will be brought back down to Power 300, its rewards dropped down to match, and will be accessible to all. Trials of the Nine will also be accessible to all once more, with the caveat that there will be parts that will only be accessible if you have the DLC.

Of course, Bungie will still want you to buy the DLC, so it will naturally be keeping some things exclusive to those who have it. Prestige Nightfall will remain as is and will require the Curse. Normal Nightfall will be like Trials, where the DLC is only required when it involves an Osiris map. The new update, version, should be rolling out now, so if you gave up on the game after being frustrated by the changes, you might want to turn it on and see if the fix is waiting for you already.

SOURCE: Bungie