Destiny 2 said to be coming to PC in addition to consoles

When the original Destiny launched, some PC players were dismayed to see that the game wouldn't be coming to their platform of choice. That may be changing with Destiny 2, as new reports claim the sequel will be coming to PC alongside consoles. These reports also claim that Destiny 2 could potentially leave player characters from the first game behind, something that clashes with Bungie's original vision for Destiny as a franchise.

Such claims come from a NeoGAF user who has apparently been in contact with a person from Destiny publisher Activision. Some of the reports were corroborated by Kotaku, which has been in touch with its own contacts close to the project as well.

Making the jump to PC seems to be a no-brainer for the Destiny series, and considering it feels like a game that should have been on PC from the start, it isn't all that shocking to hear that Bungie is planning a PC release for the sequel. What might be a little more surprising is the report that Bungie is planning a fresh start for Destiny 2.

The original vision for the Destiny franchise was to have players stick with their character as they move from game to game, something that may not be happening when everything is said and done with Destiny 2. Apparently, Bungie views Destiny 2 as an opportunity reboot the series and fix some of the misses of the original game. The decision apparently stems from a shake up in staffing on Destiny 2, which has seen a new director and executive producer enter for the second installment.

Whether or not that's actually the plan isn't something we're likely to find out for quite some time – not only is Destiny 2 said to be targeting a late 2017 release window, but apparently Bungie hasn't even committed to a fresh start with Destiny 2. The takeaway from all of this is that things are still a long way from being finished, so it may not be the best idea to take these reports as gospel just yet.

VIA: Kotaku