Destiny 2 has been officially announced

To no one's surprise, Destiny 2 has been officially announced in a tweet. The game was recently leaked in a promotional poster which itself indicated the game will be released on September 8 (in Europe, where the poster was found), though that detail is yet to be confirmed. Such a release date would line up with Activision's previous statements that a Destiny sequel will arrive in Fall 2017.

Thanks to a tweet recently dropped on the official Destiny Twitter account — the one shown below — we know the sequel will be called 'Destiny 2.' That's about all we know, officially speaking, as the game's developer Bungie hasn't released any further information, nor has its publisher Activision.

The sequel has been detailed in various bits and pieces, such as earlier this month when Bungie revealed that 'Destiny 1 power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency will not carry forward' into the new game. All those things, of course, will still be accessible in the original game; character appearances will also be carried over into the sequel.

The original game was released for the major consoles, both current- and past-gen, and this time around rumor has it the game will also be made available for PC. That comes from a September 2016 rumor that surfaced first on NeoGAF and then other online destinations. Though we don't know whether that will end up being the case, it is worth nothing that the source was correct in stating that Destiny 1 character progress won't be rolled over into Destiny 2.