Destiny 2 crossplay confirmed for next year as Xbox Series X and PS5 enhancements arrive

It's a big day for Destiny 2, as Bungie is rolling out the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 enhancement patches for the game. Not only that, but the company has finally confirmed that crossplay is on the way, allowing fans to play with friends on other platforms. Unfortunately, it sounds like there could be quite a wait yet for crossplay despite this confirmation, so you might want to settle in for a little bit.

In a lengthy blog post mostly centered around rewards in Season 13 and Year 4 of Destiny 2, Bungie confirms that Destiny 2 crossplay will be going live in 2021. We don't get any specific release date aside from that, so depending on when in 2021 crossplay launches, it could be right around the corner or still more than a year away at this point.

Given that Bungie has only given us a release window of 2021 thus far, we're inclined to believe that the feature won't be ready to go early on in the year. Instead, we could be looking at a launch later on in the year, but of course, this is all just speculation on our part, with the only official word saying 2021 and leaving it at that.

Along with this next-generation patch for Destiny 2 that's going live today, we're seeing some form of crossplay, as those playing on next-gen systems will be able to play with those on the preceding console. So, for example, Xbox Series X/S players will be able to play with those on Xbox One, while PS5 players can still group up with those on PlayStation 4.

It's unclear at the moment which of Destiny 2's many platforms will be included in crossplay when the feature eventually goes live, but obviously the hope is that all platforms will be supported. We'll have to wait on Bungie for more details, but for now, you can visit the blog post linked above for more information on what's coming in Season 13.