Destiny 2 content vault plans could leave gamers furious

Last summer, Bungie introduced the Destiny Content Vault as part of its roadmap for the popular game going forward. The vault was presented as a way to reduce the game size both in terms of maintaining the title and also the space it takes up on players' hard drives, among other things. The company is back with an update about the DCV and how it'll be used with the game's next big update.

The Destiny Content Vault (DCV) refers to the cycling out of older and less active parts of Destiny 2 to free up the developers so they can focus on newer, fresher content. In a new blog post today, Bungie revealed its next plans for the vault and how it'll impact the game heading into Year 5.

Destiny 2 Year 5 will start on February 22, 2022, bringing with it "The Witch Queen" expansion and four Seasons kicking off early next year. Bungie revealed that it will vault certain parts of the game and bring "a carefully curated selection of content" out of the vault, among them including an original Destiny PVP map, two Destiny 2 PVP maps, and an unspecified classic raid.

As for putting things in the vault, Bungie says it'll be shelving the Tangle Short location and Forsaken campaign, though it promises The Dreaming City will remain in Year 5. As well, Presage, Harbinger Exotic missions, and other seasonal content from the current year will enter the vault. Many players have expressed less than pleased responses to this news.

The Warner of Nothing, Proving Grounds strike, and Battlegrounds activities will all remain available in Year 5. Battlegrounds will be made available under a new playlist called Vanguard Operations that'll be free to play. Starting on December 7, Bungie will also make the Forsaken campaign available to play for free until the February Year 5 launch.