Desolenator uses the sun to make salt water and contaminated water drinkable

In most of the developed countries around the world, we take for granted that we will always have clean drinking water. All we need to do is turn on the faucet to get a drink. In developing countries, getting water is a struggle. A new device called the Desolenator promises to make it cheap and easy for people in places without a clean supply of water to make their own drinkable water.

The Desolenator uses solar panels to provide power to boil water that can't be drank in order to clean it and make it drinkable. The device is designed to be portable and robust with an expected lifespan of 20 years.

The developers of the device say that it provides the lowest cost per liter for desalination at this scale. One of the reasons that the device is so inexpensive to operate is that it has no consumables. There are no filters to be replaced and it needs no energy from an outlet to operate.

The company will sell the Desolenator device outright, but recognizes in many parts of the world where they are needed the cost is prohibitive. They will use shared ownership and microfinance models. They will also place units with a pay per use plan in some locations. The Desolenator is on Indiegogo now seeking $150,000 and has raised over $153,000 so far with four days to go. A pledge of $650 will provide a Desolenator to a needy family in South India or Africa. You can buy your won Desolenator for $479.

SOURCE: Indiegogo