Desk Pets outs cool Trekbot RC robot

Shane McGlaun - Oct 8, 2010
Desk Pets outs cool Trekbot RC robot

Back at the end of August, we talked a bit about the cool bug styled Skitterbot from Desk Pets. The little bugs skittered around the house and could be had in several colors. The company that makes those Skitterbots has unveiled a new RC robot toy called the Trekbot that is similar to the Skitterbot in how it charges and operates.

The Trekbot is a hubless wheeled micro-robotic racer according to the maker and looks like some sort of battle vehicle that would be used in the Clone Wars. The thing has what appears to be the same five-function remote control that recharges by the USB port on your computer and then has a short wire that connects to the robot to charge it up.

The Trekbot can perform flips, headstands and other tricks while it is driving and will be sold at Toys R Us for $19.99 as well as RadioShack stores. The little charger takes 30 minutes to charge fully and will power the robot for 15 minutes. There are four different frequencies for multiple bots to run at one time and the eyes of the bot flash when it is sitting still. The thing comes in black, gold, white, and clear.

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