Desk Pets CarBot now available for $29.99

Desk Pets is a company that makes all sorts of small remote-controlled toys. Some of the first products offered from the company were shaped like little bugs. The last product we talked about from Desk Pets was the TankBot that we reviewed late last year. The company is back with a new toy called the CarBot that is now available.

Desk Pets has announced that the CarBot can be purchased in retail stores, including Brookstone, Best Buy, and Toys "R" Us. The company calls the new toy the world's first micro-robotic toy car, and the little car is available for $29.99. Like most of the Desk Pets toys we've seen, the CarBot is controlled by an app running on Android or iOS devices.

The car has some interesting special features, including a battle mode that allows multiple players to battle using infrared sensors. The car also has a maze mode allowing players to set up a maze that the toy can navigate on its own. CarBot also has a personality mode with sound and lights as well as a mute button to play in silence.

When the car is placed in Drift 'n' Race mode, the little toy can reach a speed of 2 feet per second. The car has an internal rechargeable battery and charges via a retractable USB charger built into the product. Forty minutes of charge time gives users 15 minutes of play time. There are four different colors of the car, including red, blue, orange, and green each operating on their own frequency allowing up to four to be played with at one time.