Design concept combines Leica camera with iPhone

We have seen all manner of Leica cameras over the years and they all have a few things in common. These things include great photo quality, cool retro style, and a massive price tag. A new design concept that combines the cool Leica camera design with the high-tech iPhone smartphone has been unveiled. I will admit that the design is a bit weird. I'm not sure why you would want to combine an iPhone with the little digital camera myself.

The concept is called the Leica i9 concept and it is from designers Black Design Associates LLC. The company points out that it is in no way affiliated with either Apple or Leica. That would mean this is no official design concept and the product will never come to market. Combing the iPhone with the little camera is weird to me, but I guess with all the apps to help you take better photos by measuring light and other things perhaps this would be useful.

The designers say that the concept has 12.1MP resolution. Strange as it may be, the design certainly looks cool. The retro style of the Leica line is my favorite things about the cameras. The big downside to Leica for many of us is that the cameras are very expensive. Leica was rumored to be moving into the Micro Four Thirds market earlier this year and then the company came back and said the M9 was as small as Leica cameras would get.

[via Black Design]