Department of Energy launches podcast 'Direct Current'

Podcasts are popular again, and high-quality offerings are springing up all over the place. Newest among them is a series from the Department of Energy, which has announced (and published) its first-ever podcast. The podcast series is called 'Direct Current,' and it concerns itself with everything electricity. The team behind it includes a few people from the Office of Public Affairs, among others.

The first episode is fairly interesting, and is titled "Tackling the Hidden Costs of Rooftop Solar." The topic is relevant for today's energy-conscious and budget-conscious consumer, aiming to shed light on why rooftop solar panels are still so pricey and — of course — what the good ol' Department of Energy is doing to help deal with those costs.

The podcast is hosted by Allison Lantero and Matt Dozier — the first episode is about 24 minutes long, and is available on iTunes or through the YouTube video below. If you're crunched for time, you can also find an easy-to-skim transcript of the episode here.

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SOURCE: Twitter