Department Of Defense To Buy More Than 650,000 iOS Devices Say Sources

Things aren't looking so great for Blackberry, if information provided to Electronista is to be believed. Back in October, word had surfaced that the Pentagon would be taking in iOS and Android devices on top of Blackberry, which has been a staple platform for many government agencies. Last month, we reported that the Pentagon would be rolling out 100,000 of the devices by next year, but it would seem things have changed, with an order of over 650,000 iOS devices pending.

The folks over at Electronista say they have received information from "well-placed sources familiar with the matter" that the Department of Defense has a pending order for over half a million Apple devices, which will go through after the sequester ends. This follows reports that Blackberry's BB 10 handsets were given the kibosh in an effort to reduce costs.

The sources went on to break down the numbers, stating that the order will be comprised of 200,000 iPod Touches, 100,000 iPad minis, and 120,000 iPads. For those doing the math, this leaves another 200,000+ empty slots that will be filled with "various iPhones," meaning some government workers won't be lucky enough to score the iPhone 5. Still, this order is being placed, the sources say, to satisfy "needs that can't wait."

Reportedly, the majority of these Apple devices will be sent to those on the "battlefield [and] afloat," as well as to support commands related to both. The devices left over from that will almost exclusively stay with Pentagon personnel, and whatever remains will find homes in various other locations. The blow for Blackberry comes from another source, which stated that these Apple devices will replace almost all Blackberry devices in use that aren't BB 10 compatible.

[via Electronista]