Denon unveils new AH-D510R, AH-S310R, AH-C260R, and AH-C560R headphones

Denon has unveiled a complete new range of headphones that are compatible with the iPhone and iPod. The headphones include new models in over the ear style including the AH-D510R (SRP: $99.99) and AH-D310R (SRP: $69.99) and in-ear models including the AH-C560R (SRP: $99.99) and AH-C260R (SRP: $49.99).

All of the new on ear and in ear models support the iPhone and iPod with inline controls for volume and track and a mic for voice calls. The controls will also work on the iPad. The construction of both over the ear models uses aluminum and they have foam cushions for the ear pads and very little gap between the band of the headphones and the wearers head for more comfort.

The in-ear models have metal or plastic construction combined with an elastomer for the housing. The earphones also have noise dampening technology called Radial Cascade Damper to reduce noise from touched cables. They also ship with multiple ear tip sizes and soft foam earpieces as well. The new headphones will ship soon according to Denon.