Denon low cost Blu-ray player is not that affordable

Daniel Lim - Sep 3, 2008

Denon Electronics has announced that they will begin shipping a lower-cost Blu-ray Disc player next month. The new DVD-1800BD only supports Bonus-View (profile 1.1) and bitstream of all HD audio codec including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio but guess what. It is retailed at $749! But for that price, they will kindly throw in Burr-Brown DACs for two channel analog output. Nice!

Are you kidding me? A Lower-cost, entry level features Blu-Ray Disc player but priced at $749? Without a superior DAC for full 7.1 channels and internal audio decoder, there is no reason to get a $749 Blu-Ray player that supports only HD audio bitstream. A cheaper and more feature equipped Sony S-350 or ps3 will do better. Remind me why I miss the Format War, the price was far more competitive.


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