Denon Japan postponed DVD-A1UD for the 2nd time, now October release

Weakening foreign currencies against soaring yen are slowly affecting the prices of Made-In-Japan electronic goods, globally; even the already high-price Denon flagship DVD-A1UD Universal Blu-Ray player can't escape the reality. For the latter, there's more frustrating news than price adjustment, the Japanese firm has once again postponing the launch of the World's first Universal desk, but this time, much further behind to mid of October.

This is the second time Denon puts off the launch of the long-awaited flagship Universal desk. The Japanese release was first set to be shipped in February, but later delayed to March and today announcement will put in further back to October. That means US buyers will have to wait much longer (again) and the same goes for European release.

The Denon DVD-A1UD, originally retailed at $4,200 for US market and €4,000 for Europe regions, now has raised to $4,500 and €5,000 respectively. Who knows how much it will cost again in October?