Denon C551 earbuds, quality sound from a well known name

If you don't mind paying for better sound quality, then you've probably already heard of Denon, on the other hand if you do, Denon is well known for their home theater components, namely their receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps, all that jazz. Well they also, every once in a while, make a set of earbuds.

Previously they had the C700, and now they have the C551, which other than being 2 millimeters shorter, also has some punchier mids. What they have in common is the Acoustic Optimizer, a reflex port for your headphones, it keeps the air pressure balanced and makes them sound better.

They also retain the machined aluminum bodies and the gold plated connections. If you lust for a pair, such a pleasure will cost you about £70 or close to $140.

Ears-on with Denon's C551 earphones [via Crave]