Delphi unveils new Vehicle Diagnostics connectivity service

Shane McGlaun - Jan 7, 2013, 5:54 am CST
Delphi unveils new Vehicle Diagnostics connectivity service

Delphi has unveiled a new plug-and-play connectivity service for vehicle owners at CES 2013. The service is called Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi and it uses a little dongle that plugs into the OBD II port on most later model vehicles. The system does more than simply allow the drivers to keep an eye on vehicle engine health.

The system is designed to interface with an application that runs on smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers. Using the system, your smartphone can be used as a key fob to unlock doors from anywhere. Smartphones and other devices connect to the vehicle using Bluetooth. The system operates over the Verizon Wireless network for remote access or Bluetooth locally and allows users to unlock doors, trunks, and to start or stop the engine.

The system allows you to locate and access vehicles anywhere and anytime without needing to remember tag numbers or other identifying details. The system can monitor vehicle health status and diagnose certain trouble codes from vehicle electronics systems. Parents can also use the system to set up alerts for driving behavior and other vehicle performance issues.

Business users can also set up the system to automatically produce trip logs for use with expense reports. The system works with downloadable smartphone apps that are available for Android 2.2 devices and up as well as Apple iOS 5.0 and higher devices. The web portal for the services is compatible with most modern browsers. The app is able to do all sorts of things including displaying the last location where vehicle was parked, the address, and the coordinates where it is on a map. It’s unclear when the system will be available for purchase and how much it will cost this time

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