DeLorean cars to be put back into production

I highly doubt that any of you can honestly say that you've never seen any of the Back To the Future movies. I was born only a year before they came out, and I've seen them more times than I can count. Obviously, the first thing that everyone thinks of when someone mentions them is the DeLorean that was used as the time machine.

Unfortunately, not long after the movie became a blockbuster hit, the company went belly-up, and production of the car was halted. John DeLorean always wanted to be able to put the car back in production, but his effort was not realized during his lifetime, as he passed away in 2005. His dream however, will be brought to life.

DeLorean Motor Co. which purchased most of the remaining parts from the original company has been restoring the cars for some time now, and has decided to start producing cars from scratch, at a rate of about 20 per year. While that's not exactly a huge run, it is certainly a start.

New DeLorean Cars will be built [via i4u]