Dell's employee leaked the models for Dell Linux systems

As we previously reported, Dell has hop onto the Linux bandwagon. Now we have more details regarding that. Dell Inspiron E1505 will be the first model to feature preloaded Ubuntu Linux laptop starting this Thursday.

An email by one of Dell's employee also stated Dimension E520 and XPS 410 desktops will be available with preloaded Ubuntu Linux on the same day – Thursday.

"We will be launching a Linux based OS (Ubuntu) on the E520 (Dimension desktop), 1505 (Inspiron laptop) and XPS 410 (desktop) starting next Thursday, 5/24. We expect these systems to be less than 1% of our OS mix for the entire year which is approximately 20,000 systems annually,"

I applaud Dell for taking the leap into open source world and bringing Linux to the consumer market and I hope others will follow.

Dell announces the models for Ubuntu [via jeremy's blog]