Dell XPS M1530 notebook leaked

Satsuki Then - Oct 8, 2007
Dell XPS M1530 notebook leaked

Dell has done pretty well with its XPS M1330, aside from some delay and being unable to fulfill orders in timely fashion. Now, Dell is rumored (more of a leak) to be preparing for the new XPS laptop with same design principal for its chassis.

The XPS M1530 laptop is basically the 15-inch version of the XPS M1330. According to the leaked specs, it will features 15.4-inch display up to 1680 x 1050 resolution (LED based will be up to 1440 x 900), Core 2 Duo processor ranging from 1.5Ghz up to 2.6Ghz.

It will use the Crestline GM/PM 965 chipset that support up to 4GB of 667Mhz DDR2 RAM. As for GPU, the new XPS M1530 will use GeForce 8400M or 8600M GS. Another notable feature including Slot-loading Blu-Ray, HDMI port, and 2megapixel cameras for CCFL based screen (300k for LED). It is rumored to be release on November 7th this year.

Dell XPS M1530: movin’ on up [via engadget]

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