Dell XPS 10 and Kindle Fire are the most repairable tablets, Surface Pro and iPads come in last

Warranties have their place, but there's no shortage of techies who prefer to do their own device repair when something goes awry. Unfortunately, no matter how technically inclined you are, some devices seem built specifically to make the task as difficult as possible. The folks over at iFixit have released their Repairability Guide, which shows Dell's XPS 10 as the easiest to repair, and Microsoft's Surface Pro as the worst of the bunch.

According to the Tablet Repairability Guide, the Dell XPS 10 is the best option for those who plan to crack their tablet open and do some tinkering, with it being rated as easy to open, with labeled cables, color-coded screw, and an easy-to-remove battery. The only complaint listed was the fact that the LCD is fused to the display glass.

Amazon's Kindle Fire comes in second, also being easy to open with standard Philips-head screws and no proprietary fasteners to deal with. Dell makes the upper list again at number three with its Dell Streak tablet, which is simply listed as being easy to open with an easy-to-replace battery, but marred by the same LCD-fused-to-glass issue. The Kindle Fire's negative mark is that its glass is fused to the device's frame.

Dropping to the bottom of the list, we find a lot of Apple and Microsoft products, with the Surface Pro coming in dead last. While the battery is not soldered to the motherboard, that is the only positive aspect that is listed, with it's negative marks being comprised of "tons" of adhesive to keep the components in place, as well as DIYers risking severing the wires when opening the device. Next up, in order, is Apple's iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and then Microsoft's Surface RT tablet. A consistent problem with the iPads is the risk of cracking the glass while taking it apart, as well as too much adhesive. The Surface RT is said to be hard to open with a fused LCD.

[via iFixit]