Dell unveils new colors for Dell Design Studio based on nail polish

Dell long ago determined that the way to get consumers to buy laptops was to offer them lots of options for not only the hardware inside the computers, but the colors on the outside. Out of that was born the Dell Design Studio where you can choose custom colors and artwork to sit on the top of your notebook. While Dell only teased that sexy Adamo XPS machine today, it spent much more time showing off the new colors for its notebooks based on nail polish colors from OPI.

Dell will now offer colors through the Design Studio starting next month that will offer 20 classic OPI colors along with six holiday special colors. The new colors have names like "I'm Not Really a Waitress," "Big Apple Red," "Strawberry Margarita," "Rosy Future" and "Kyoto Pearl," "Dear Santa," "Merry Midnight" and "Smitten with Mittens." In all there will be 26 new colors added to the line.

If you find it odd that Dell would go all out to announced notebooks with nail polish colors and leave us wanting fro details on the Adamo XPS, you aren't alone. I guess the mass market of notebook consumers will be more moved by a shiny red notebook at a low price than a thin and cool Adamo XPS at what is sure to be a premium price tag.