Dell UltraSharp Ultra HD Monitors Unveiled With 4K Resolution, Ultra-Wide Viewing Angles

Dell has introduced two new Ultra HD monitors, the UltraSharp 24 and the UltraSharp 32, both of which are available now, as well as the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor, which will be arriving early next year. With these monitors comes 4K resolution and ultra-wide viewing angles, as well as pricing that makes the beyond-HD offerings budget-friendly for mainstream consumers.

The UltraSharp Monitors offer Dell PremierColor and custom calibration options for specific color needs. The UltraSharp 24 offers a 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, while the UltraSharp 32 is a tad under this at 176-degrees. Dell promises "stunning clarity" from both monitors, making them good choices for developers, graph designers, and other professionals who require precise colors.

The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor, in the meantime, won't be arriving until early next year, and is the cheapest of the bunch, with the price tag falling at an unspecified amount under $1,000. This makes it an attractive option for those who want an Ultra HD monitor but don't want to spend thousands for a higher-end offering. The UltraSharp 32 is priced at $3499 and the UltraSharp 24 is priced at $1399 — both are available in the Americas, with the 32 launching globally and the 24 only arriving in the Americas, going out globally later on in December.

Said Dell's Displays and Client Peripherals General Manager and Vice President Bert Park, "We are excited to announce Ultra High Definition monitors in sizes and price points that will be compelling to customers seeking higher resolution. Today's announcement reinforces how Dell has led in product innovation by making the latest monitor technologies available to everyone, regardless of their usage or budget."