Dell U2713HM AH-IPS monitor breaks cover

Dell has been due for a refresh of its flagship 27-inch UltraSharp monitor, and it looks like an updated model has finally made an appearance on the company's Japanese website. The U2713HM features the same 2560x1440 resolution as the U2711, but Dell has opted to use the newer AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance IPS) technology. The benefits of AH-IPS include improved color accuracy as well as more efficient light transmission, ultimately leading to a more power efficient display.

In fact, the display is supposedly 37% more efficient than the U2711, drawing 42W under load. All the other benefits of IPS are along for the ride as well, including wide 178 degree viewing angles, and Dell continues to include its various color profiles to get the best out of the monitor. The height adjustable stand allows for small tilts forwards and backwards, and you can swivel the monitor 90 degrees to get as much vertical real estate as possible.

Connections for the monitor include HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, VGA, and four USB 3.0 ports. Contrast ratio is estimated at 1000:1, the response time is 8ms, and brightness is rated at 350cd/m².

Dell say the U2713HM is shipping in Japan starting today, but there's no word on when it will be making an appearance in other territories. It's not cheap either, with the monitor commanding a price of ¥49,980 ($639), but at least you'll be getting one of the only displays in the world with an AH-IPS panel.

UPDATE: Dell has started selling the U2713HM on its Australian website too, although it's a tad more expensive at AUD $799 (~$843). Head over here to pick one up.

[via Engadget]