Dell Streak HDMI Home Dock Gets Pictured

Evan Selleck - Jun 3, 2010, 1:00 pm CDT
Dell Streak HDMI Home Dock Gets Pictured

The Dell Streak has seen a huge flurry of new photos, announcements, and price points unveiled about its upcoming existence, there’s only a few minor details missing. Luckily, one of those isn’t the HDMI-toting home dock. Not anymore, thanks to the folks over at Laptop Mag, who managed to get some hands-on time with the peripheral.

Apple’s iPad has a VGA dock and connector, but that’s only VGA. And one of the more defining features of the upcoming Android-based tablet/MID/phone from Dell is the fact that it has that awesome HDMI output feature. And, of course, the home dock has the ability, too. Additionally, the dock has a line-out port, as well as a USB connector.

The dock is a great addition to the Streak, but unfortunately it opens the door to even more questions. For example, with the inclusion of the dock, and the idea that you’d put the Streak in it to actually use it, what will you be watching on the device that would warrant the dock’s existence? While YouTube’s a great service, we can’t imagine anyone actually getting the dock to spend their afternoon watching uploaded videos. So, will Dell figure out a way to get Amazon On-Demand features on the Streak? Or, will they work with anyone else to bring high definition movies to the new device? We’ll have to wait and see — not that we have much longer.

[via Laptop Mag]

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