Dell Streak Beta Units Being Blocked from AT&T’s Network? [Updated]

Evan Selleck - Aug 2, 2010, 3:53pm CDT
Dell Streak Beta Units Being Blocked from AT&T’s Network? [Updated]

We all know the Dell Streak is coming to AT&T, we just don’t know exactly when, quite yet. But, for a few lucky individuals out there, who happened to be included in Dell’s beta tests of the Mobile Internet Device (MID), they’ve been able to use the device to their heart’s contents for a little while now. Handed out in Austin, Texas, the users were supposed to test the device as they would any other, and apparently they were going to be able to keep them after the tests completed.

However, if these new reports coming out of the MoDaCo forums indicates anything (and we’re sure it does), it looks like those same test units are now being blocked from AT&T’s network. How? According to the reports, it looks to be an IMEI block, as all calls being made from the test Streaks are being routed to AT&T customer service, and all data on EDGE or 3G is completely blocked.

If the beta testers were told they could keep their units, then there should be no surprise that many of those unts made it onto eBay, where they were subsequently bought up. But, if AT&T really is blocking the MIDs from accessing the network, then we can imagine that there’s plenty of unhappy people out there. There’s no official word from AT&T quite yet, but that should change soon enough.

[via MoDaCo]

Update: AT&T tells us that Dell initially requested 30-day SIMs for use in the beta test Streak units, and that once the 30-days were up they expired. We’re unclear on where the IMEI block suggestion came from; anyone out there with a beta test Streak and another AT&T SIM they can slot in to test?

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