Dell Precision M4800 And M6800 Mobile Workstations With Quad HD+ IGZO Promises Higher Resolution Than MacBook Pro Retina

Dell makes computers for all sorts of needs and all sorts of users. In the professional world, design pros have need for powerful mobile workstations to be able to work on the go. Dell has unveiled a pair of high-end mobile workstations called the Precision M4800 and M6800.

In addition to aiming these powerful workstations at design pros, the devices are also powerful enough for engineering, oil and gas, film, and a number of other industries that need to render highly complex 3-D designs quickly. Dell says these computers are powerful enough to render complicated 3-D designs in minutes instead of hours.

The Precision M4800 and M6800 feature lots of high-end technology. The workstations feature an available 15.6-inch Quad HD+ IGZO panel offering higher resolution than the MacBook Pro retina display can muster. The mobile workstation can also be had with an optional 10-finger Wacom multi-touch 17.3-inch screen.

Other hardware features for the mobile workstations include up to 16 GB of RAM, fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processor options including Core i7 Extreme Edition parts. The mobile workstations can also be configured with AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro professional graphics options with up to 8 GB of graphics memory for the M6800. Both of these new mobile workstations can also be fitted with a secondary slice battery and a number of security solutions supporting encryption, authentication, and malware protection.