Dell posts its financial results for Q4 and full fiscal year

Dell has posted its 2013 financial results for both Q4 as well as the full fiscal year. In the fourth quarter, Dell's revenue totaled $14.3 billion, which is an 11% decrease from 2012. Its revenue for the entire year was $56.9 billion, an 8% decrease from last year. Revenue from Dell's enterprise solutions and services grew 6% in Q4 to $5.2 billion. The revenue for the full year totaled 34%, or $19.4 billion, of Dell's total revenue. This was a 4% increase from fiscal year 2012.

GAAP earnings were $0.30 per share for Q4, and $1.35 per share for the whole year. The GAAP earnings were down 30% from Q4 2012, and down 28% for the fiscal year. Its non-GAAP earnings totaled $0.40 a share in the quarter, and $1.72 per share for the full year. The non-GAAP earnings were down 22% from Q4 2012, and 19% for the fiscal year. Dell's GAAP operating income was $698 million, 4.9% of Dell's revenue, and its operating income for the entire year was $3 billion. The non-GAAP operating income was $954 million, 6.7% of Dell's revenue. The non-GAAP operating income for the year was $4 billion.

Dell ended Q4 with $15.3 billion in cash and investments, with $3.3 billion for the entire year. Dell's server revenue increased 5%, and it's networking products and solutions saw a 42% revenue increase. Dell's Quest software brought in revenue that went well over Dell's expected $180-$200 million mark for the quarter. Unfortunately, Dell's desktop and mobile sector revenue decreased 20% in the quarter.

Dell wasn't able to provide an outlook for Q1 2014 or for the full fiscal year due to its pending merger agreement to make the company private. The company will be buying back its stock for $24 billion, with a $2 billion loan from Microsoft. While Dell's consumer revenue fell 24% in Q4 to $2.8 billion, and its operating income saw an 87% decrease to $8 million, Dell's financial results are much higher than they had expected.

[via Business Wire]