Dell offers PowerVault DL2100 backup solution for businesses

Years ago, I worked for a company that had three servers running different applications that were all critical to the business. If one went down, they were out of business until the machine came back up. The scary part was that they were only backing up once a week and were using CDRs to make the backups. Dell has unveiled a new backup solution for businesses that is much more efficient than CDs or tape backups called the PowerVault DL2100.

The machine is powered by Symantec Backup Exec software in several different forms. The backup device comes in economy and performance versions. The Economy version uses a single Intel Xeon E5520 CPU while the performance version gets two of the same parts. The economy version runs 6GB of RAM with the performance version getting 24GB of RAM.

Storage space for both versions is up to four 500GB HDDs in RAID 5 configurations. Dell claims that the DL2100 is 50% cheaper to operate than a tape backup system. The DL2100 can also archive Windows file systems and Exchange environments. The DL2100 is available now with economy versions starting at $8,600 and performance versions starting at under $11,500.