Dell offers brief peek at Adamo XPS, still mum on vital specs

Dell has been teasing us since 9-9-09 with dark pictures and brief glimpses of that sexy Adamo XPS notebook. The little machine has laid claim to the title of world's thinnest laptop and that claim seems well founded considering how thin it is. Dell let reporters from PCMag get hands on with the notebook yesterday and we got some better pics out of the deal.

I still can't believe how thin the Adamo XPS is, it looks like a waif lying on the desk in many of these pictures. The lid reportedly opens by swiping a finger across a touch sensor on the lid of the notebook. Despite how thin the system is, it is said to feel very sturdily built.

The notebook is covered in brushed aluminum. The only thing I am not really feeling about the Adamo XPS is the angle that the keyboard sits at when the machine is open. It seems like the angle would make typing uncomfortable after a while. Dell is still mum on exactly what hardware is inside the machine.