Dell Mobile Connect iPhone integration is now live in version 3.0

Everyone these days has a smartphone and, although not as many, most of those also have some PC (or Mac) as well. In many cases, those two worlds do not connect unless through a cloud storage intermediary. Some companies and platform makers, however, have recently tried bridging the divide, but almost always on one side of the fence or another. Dell, however, has just updated its Mobile Connect app that finally lets users integrated their iPhones more seamlessly with their Dell Windows 10 computers.

This isn't actually new if you got wind of Dell's announcement back at CES 2020 in January. It took a while but the feature is finally available for everyone to try in the latest 3.0 version of Dell's Mobile Connect app. Once that app is downloaded from the Windows Store and Apple App Store and paired with an iOS 11 or later device, users will have three ways to use their phone right from their computer.

At the most basic level, you will be able to transfer files between the two connected devices. Given iOS' limitations, those will most likely be limited to multimedia and a few common file types. Neowin also says that one of the most significant new features is that you can send text messages without opening the app.

There's also screen mirroring, which makes it almost unnecessary to even pick up the iPhone. Some of these features may actually be available via AirPlay or AirDrop but not if you're using a Windows PC. Dell also says it doesn't use Apple's proprietary protocols anyway, though it may raise questions on whether it has been sanctioned by Apple or not.

Of course, Dell isn't the only making this kind of mobile to PC bridge. Microsoft itself is constantly updating its "Your Phone" app and framework to work across OEM computers, though its biggest features are mostly available for Android phones. If you already have a Dell and an iPhone, this might be a better option while waiting for Microsoft's version.