Dell Mini 9 netbook integrated fingerprint reader mod

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You'll need more than a passing familiarity with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 to spot the mod here, so we'll give you a hefty hint: it's the fingerprint reader in the right-hand side of the palm-rest.  MyDellMini forum member Rich decided he wanted biometric login functionality in his netbook, so inserted the guts of an Eikon fingerprint reader into the Mini 9.

To do so he also had to squeeze a USB hub inside, so as not to lose one of the Inspiron Mini 9's external ports.  After some careful measurements, he cut a narrow slot into the palm-rest, and then gave it a suitably beveled edge to allow contact between finger and sensor.

Considering you can pick up the Eikon for under $40 through Amazon Marketplace, this doesn't have to be an expensive mod, either.  Next step for the Mini 9 – which as you can see is already running Mac OS X – is an internal GPS receiver.