Dell launches Linux PCs

Chris Scott Barr - May 24, 2007

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting Dell’s launch of their line of PCs with Linux pre-installed, your wait is officially over today.

Today three models are available with Ubuntu 7.04 Linux as the OS. The two desktop models are the XPS 410n and Dimension I520, and the laptop running Linux is the E1505. The XPS 410n is going to run $849, a similarly configured XPS 410 running Windows Home Premium only costs an additional $50.

Is $50 really enough to make a difference? If you’re not planning on using Windows anyway, then I would say it is definitely enough. There’s no sense in buying something that you’re not going to use.

Note: At the time of writing Dell had not yet updated their website to include the three new Linux machines.

Dell unveils three consumer systems featuring Linux OS [via digitimes]

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