Dell Latitude 7212 tablet takes ruggedness to the extreme

Technology, computers, and mobile devices have permeated every part of our personal lives as well as our work, but not all devices are designed for use in some of the more extreme cases and places. Sometimes, even IP68 and MIL-STD-810G ratings aren't enough. For those situations, you'll want something extra, like the new Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet that doesn't skimp on the protection, the specs or, unfortunately, the price.

We seem to be happily past the days when one had to choose between features and reliability, when having an extra rugged phone or tablet meant having last year's hardware or even older. Fortunately for industry workers and adventurers who can afford this Latitude 7212, they don't have to make compromises.

Yes, there are the telltale signs of a rugged computing device but, strip away the bumpers and the thick case and you've got the makings of a decent 12-inch Windows tablet. Buyers have a variety of options, ranging from 6th and 7th gen Intel Core i3 to i7 processors, 8 or 16 GB of RAM, up to 1 TB of M.2 SSD storage, and Windows 7 or 10 for the software. Perhaps the only not so premium spec is the 11.6-inch Full HD touch screen.

Devices like the Latitude 7212 are built to last, but that might be pointless if they are quickly outdated in this fast-paced market. Good thing that the tablet is also forward-facing, with room for future, and past, expansions. Pogo pins at the bottom removed the need for cables when attaching it to a dock. keyboard, or even a car mount. The 180-degree kickstand lets you set it down in the most comfortable angle, and an optional active stylus allows you to operate it with precision even with gloves on.

The Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet is now available globally, but it comes with a price tag that might make sense only for businesses and users that really do need it. The price you pay for a combination of extreme ruggedness and more or less recent hardware starts at $1,899.