Dell Inspirons and IBM ThinkPads Gain Freedom From Wires

Now that wireless USB is a certified standard, people couldn't wait to put it into something other than a USB device (kind of defeats the purpose, no?). Now it appears a couple of PC manufacturers have taken that leap.

Dell's offering is the 17-inch Inspiron 1720. This machine is clearly a media-centric device combining a high resolution display, 7.1 surround sound, and a Blu-ray player. Other than the wireless USB there is also wireless-N and optional WWAN connections. Sadly this one won't be shipping until August 9th.

IBM is bringing the ThinkPad T61, far more portable than the Dell, this laptop should cover the problem of the truly mobile user wanting to connect when they finally take a breath, but without having USB cables strewn everywhere. Not much changes in this lineup other than the addition of wireless USB, this model is available now.

Pricing for the two models isn't astronomical with the Dell hitting at a low of slightly less than a thousand dollars and the IBM starting at about $1500. Personally I would opt for the IBM, but just think of all the USB TV Tuners you could connect to the Dell.

Certified Wireless USB Takes Flight In Inspiron, ThinkPad Laptops [via Gizmodo]