Dell Chooses Blu-ray for its XPS M1710 Notebook

In the Blu-ray versus HD DVD wars, Dell has made it clear which side it stands. To keep up with Sony and Toshiba in a rapidly growing market of mobile High Definition video platforms, Dell has just announced the addition of Blu-ray disc capability to its notebook PC line. Dell describes their XPS M1710 notebook as not only being able to show high-end movies and games, but to also function has a central node to support digital entertainment throughout the home.

They are picking Blu-ray over HD DVD for its ability to write up to 50GB of either data or video on to a single disc, and they allege that other laptops with HD-DVD may be cheaper but cannot save data onto the discs.

Dell XPS M1710 comes with Blu-ray [Via: Ubergizmo]