Dell cancels device for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Dell has canceled its plans to launch any Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices and may completely bail out of the Windows Phone market for now. Although a leaked roadmap back in February indicated that Dell would be coming out with an updated Venue Pro codenamed "Wrigley," the company was noticeably absent from the list when Microsoft unveiled its new Windows Phone partners in May.

According to WpCentral, a higher up at Dell has confirmed that the company no longer plans to release the Wrigley and that it will not be offering any Mango devices from this year through 2012. However, support for the Dell Venue Pro will continue and the company may return for Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

Dell has not made any official announcements regarding its future plans for Windows Phone devices, but it has confirmed that existing unlocked Dell Venue Pro handsets on T-Mobile will be upgraded to Mango. But there's no information yet regarding Mango updates for AT&T's locked version.