Dell Axim grows up to usurp your desktop PC

Chris Davies - Nov 6, 2006, 3:46 am CDT

Although I’ve got a PDA lying around the house somewhere, I never considered using it as a full desktop-replacement.  Thankfully there are people with more imagination than I have out there, for instance Axim Site forum member afarre, who has crafted this insanely clever port-replicator jacket for his handheld.  What started off as a $45 in-car PDA holder, sprinkled with around $15 of parts and a little old PC cannibalising, took shape over ten days into the port-sporting beast you see here.  Make sure you check out after the jump for gruesome photos of innards and a full setup shot.

Axim desktop setup

Full feature list:

  1. VGA out
  2. Serial port with circuit for TTL to RS232 signals conversion.
  3. Car charger
  4. Input for 5v Dell power supply (includes protection against connecting 12v and 5v at a time)
  5. PDA USB client connector.
  6. USB HUB x4 (powered when applying 5v or 12v)
  7. Audio preamplifier with double format output (RCA and mini-jack connectors)

Axim port replicator innards

Forum thread [via MAKE:]


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