Dell admits PC industry is going downhill

We've all heard that the post-PC era is here, or at least it's quickly approaching. The demand for smartphones and tablets is outperforming traditional desktop PCs and even laptops. Dell certainly agrees, as the company has admitted that the PC industry is simply falling apart. Dell addressed these issues in a recent SEC filing.

In the SEC filing, in which the company lays out its plans to go private, the company expressed a handful of concerns with the issues facing the PC industry, including the "decreasing revenues in the market for desktop and notebook PCs and the significant uncertainties as to whether, or when, this decrease will end."

Other points of discussion on the dying PC industry also involved Microsoft, and the lack of sales of Windows 8 is ultimately causing an overall drop in PC sales, saying that there is an "uncertain adoption of the Windows 8 operating system, unexpected slowdowns in enterprise Windows 7 upgrades and the increasing substitution of smartphones and tablets for PCs."

Dell also mentions "the overall difficulty of predicting the market for PCs." Overall, it seems that Dell definitely isn't all that into the PC market anymore. Of course, we already knew that — the company has long been shifting its focus away from the traditional desktop and laptop market in favor of their mobile and enterprise business.

[via Forbes]