Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP action makes combination of 8 Megapixel Desktop

For those looking for some e-x-t-r-a resolution, here is a killer from Dell, it's a combination of Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP. Dell 3007WFP 30" wide screen LCD display computer monitor which gives you a resolution of 2560x1600 (4 Megapixel). It provides you an excellent image quality, but with generating a little extra heat. The display is controlled by PC graphics processor (GPU), as it doesn't come with any image processor. Now to get a resolution 4960x1600 pixels (8 mega pixel) you need to have two Dell 2001FP 20" monitor on each side of the of this Dell 3007WFP and make sure that you have dual-dual-link graphics card. Rotating both 2001FP by 90 degrees will provide you with exact same height than the 3007WFP. Now, each 2001FP has a resolution of 1200x1600 pixels (2 mega pixel). Windows will recognize this combination (1 Dell 3007WFP and 2 Dell 2001FP) as one monitor. Once setup you'll have a [(1200+2560+1200) x 1600] 8 megapixel Desktop, with the ability to drag and stretch windows over the entire area.