Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP action makes combination of 8 Megapixel Desktop

Vishnu - Feb 17, 2006

For those looking for some e-x-t-r-a resolution, here is a killer from Dell, it’s a combination of Dell 3007WFP and Dell 2001FP. Dell 3007WFP 30” wide screen LCD display computer monitor which gives you a resolution of 2560×1600 (4 Megapixel). It provides you an excellent image quality, but with generating a little extra heat. The display is controlled by PC graphics processor (GPU), as it doesn’t come with any image processor. Now to get a resolution 4960×1600 pixels (8 mega pixel) you need to have two Dell 2001FP 20” monitor on each side of the of this Dell 3007WFP and make sure that you have dual-dual-link graphics card. Rotating both 2001FP by 90 degrees will provide you with exact same height than the 3007WFP. Now, each 2001FP has a resolution of 1200×1600 pixels (2 mega pixel). Windows will recognize this combination (1 Dell 3007WFP and 2 Dell 2001FP) as one monitor. Once setup you’ll have a [(1200+2560+1200) x 1600] 8 megapixel Desktop, with the ability to drag and stretch windows over the entire area.

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