Dell 10 inch Windows 7 tablet delayed

The launch date for Dell's 10-inch Windows 7 based tablet looks to slip until the fall according to industry analysts. Nobody knows why the 10-inch tablet won't make it's debut until at least September, but it's certainly going to spell doom for Dell taking advantage of the back to school run-up. Dell is planning to position the 10-inch as a business grade tablet anyway, so they not feel the urgency to make the back to school window, instead focusing on the Holiday crowd instead.

Dell began to fan the flames of a 10-inch tablet way back in October, and have released both 5 and 7 inch Dell Streak models with mixed reviews. But with growing business interest in tablets, it makes sense that Dell will stay the course and continue with the product line. That's good news for those looking for integrate some mobility into their Windows centered lives. But with Windows 8 rumored to be a more tablet centric experience and scheduled to be out in early 2012, is a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet coming to late to the party? Not really.

It's one saving grace may come down to one word ... BLUESTACKS. As Android Community reported yesterday, a company has managed to create a "Parallels" style experience which will enable PCs to not only dual boot between Android and Windows, but run both OS concurrently and switch between the two. Several PC companies are very interested in the possibilities Bluestacks brings to the party and Dell could be one of them. Consider this ... with Apple releasing an OSX app store for Desktops, the Bluestacks function gives PC users the ability to invest in low cost Android apps and run them from their desktop PCs. And even though Google won't allow access to the Android Marketplace for anything other than "licensed by Google" products now, the Amazon App store for Android represents a viable option. And if Android catches on in the desktop world, could it spread like a wildfire burning up every Windows bush in front of it? Only time will tell.

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