Delkin Reveals Elite633 64GB SDXC Card, Fastest on Earth

Or so they say. While we've written about our fair share of SD cards in the past, it's the SDXC cards we've got our eyes on now. Last card we reported on with the kind of size and speed this Delkin card is reporting on was the Lexar set, one of them at 128GB and the other at 64GB. Why in the world would I want this newer Delkin ELITE633 card with less than the most storage in the world on it? Because it's the fastest! This card is able to record at speeds up to 45 megabytes per second and read at speeds up to 95 megabytes per second.

That's fast. That's really really fast. But get this: the card costs $540. You know how many cards you could get for that much that aren't quite as fast? It doesn't matter! This is the fastest! What Delkin has here is a card that you're going to want to be using for HD video, 3D video, and all sorts of other high-speed-required sort of situations. That said, I'm gonna need one for the San Diego Comic Con, so fork one over!

On this card you'll be able to collect more than 17,000 photos and 8 hours of HD video, but only in SDXC enabled cameras. This is no average card, ladies and gentlemen, and with the cutting edge of storage technology comes the need for advanced devices to use it. Isn't it ironic? Almost as if it's more important to have the greatest way to store your photos than it is to collect them. Sort of like how it's alright to grab that cash anyway you can just so long as you put it in the right bank, right?

Along those same lines is the Delkin guarantee, that being that with this and all Deklin memory cards, the company's US based technical support staff is available to offer free data recovery services and support for the lifetime of the product. Word!