Defender is a camera-toting connected can of pepper spray

Defender has taken connected technology in a different direction than many startups, electing to incorporate it into what is essentially a canister of pepper spray. The device is bid as a connected personal defense system, and has recently been successfully funded through Indiegogo.

The Defender is a relatively small cylinder-shaped device equipped with a camera and Bluetooth connectivity, the latter of which allows it to be connected to one's smartphone. Through this connection, it will automate the process of alerting authorities.

The device works in a simple manner. When the button is pressed, the canister sprays pepper spray, and simultaneously snaps a picture of whatever is in front of the device — in this case, whomever is being blasted with pepper spray.

That picture is sent to a control center along with relevant details through the user's smartphone, and the appropriate authorities are sent the information — just police if a single button is pressed, but a secondary one is also available for requesting medical help.

When Defender launches, the monitoring service will have a price tag of $15 to $20 monthly alongside a two-year plan.

SOURCE: TechCrunch