Deezer acquires Stitcher, speeds podcasting initiative

Nate Swanner - Oct 24, 2014, 2:01 pm CDT
Deezer acquires Stitcher, speeds podcasting initiative

When it comes to streaming, Stitcher is a name you hear pop up quite a bit. The streaming audio service is a popular place for podcasters to peddle their channels and shows. Stitcher is now part of Deezer, the streaming service that concentrates on music playback. The deal makes Deezer one of the better overall streaming service around, encompassing both music and podcasting. The move immediately gives Deezer ownership of the top rated Android podcasting app, and the second place podcasting app on iTunes.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Deezer also points out Stitcher is available via various automotive brands such as BMW, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar and Mazda, and is an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto launch partner.

Stitcher also has over 35,000 shows via its service, which nicely compliments the 35 million music tracks available on Deezer. This acquisition represents the first time Deezer has made a non-music grab, too.

Deezer will continue to support Stitcher’s apps, and it seems as though they’ll work them into a service they were building internally called Talk, according to TechCrunch. Talk is — as you may have guessed from the name — a foundation for podcasting. This Stitcher acquisition only serves to accelerate those plans.

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